Friday, October 16, 2015

Flash BACK Friday: Stop 5: Indiana

So we're back home! Have been here for a few weeks now. Our trip was awesome and went by fast and unfortunately there was no way we could keep up with our Blog while we were actually living it. So we're going to start a series of blog posts called FLASH BACK FRIDAY where we'll recap a stop on the trip every Friday. That should work. :)

Our stop in Indiana (Stop 5) was at a campground right off the highway, called: Caboose Lake Campground in Remington, IN

It was right off the highway as I mentioned which was great since we were just stopping for the night, so it was easy to get to and get back on the road the next day. It was a very friendly campground the people that worked there and the campers were all very nice. It had a great playground and it seems for just the summer time it had a lot of water games, bounce house, etc set up that even locals could come to for the day - almost like an amusement park. You could also swim in part of the lake there.

My only complaint if I was to leave one which is not necessarily the fault of the campground it's just their location and you could hear the traffic on the highway pretty much all night. So it was great that it was by the highway for easy in and out and getting back on the road but the traffic was a little noisy. If in the area again and on this kind of trip I would definitely stay here again though.

Here are some  pictures, very few, from our stay at the Caboose Lake Campground.

Stay tuned for our next stop and some local camping in the future. :)